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First Impression: Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water First Impression

My first impressions of the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water are positive. I used it a couple of times on fairly light makeup days so I know I haven’t put it to the ultimate test but it definitely removes makeup. Continue reading First Impression: Simple Cleansing Micellar Water


Simple Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer

The Simple Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer is my favorite moisturizer of the moment. I began using it as a replacement for a greasy night cream I disliked. It worked well because I felt moisturized but didn’t look like I slathered my face in goop and since it didn’t have SPF there was no reason to use it during the day. However, when I realized my SPF moisturizer wasn’t really doing much moisturizing I started to use the gel moisturizer underneath. So far it’s great for me and my oily skin whether I’m wearing my makeup or not.

Simple Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer

Continue reading Simple Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer