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5 Products I’m Bringing With Me Into 2015

2014 is coming to a close. While some of us are thinking about what we want to leave behind I wanted to share some beauty products that are coming with me into 2015.

OCC Pagan and Technopagan
OCC Lip Tars($18.00)

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End of Year Sales You Should Jump On Right Now ENDS

End of the Year Sales You Should Jump On Right Now

Sales, sales, sales. The holidays are coming to a close so that means companies are doing their year-end push for sales. If you have a little bit of spending money left you should jump on some of these while you still can.* ^

25% off Everything at OCCMAKEUP.COM  12/26 – 12/31

Lush BOGO Sale at LUSHUSA.COM(This goes live 9am EST/8am CST 12/26)

30% off at MILANICOSMETICS.COM use code HOLIDAY14 Ends 12/29

Extra 20% off Sale Items at SEPHORA.COM use code EXTRA20 Ends 1/1/15

40% off Everything at COASTALSCENTS.COM Ends 12/31

35% off + Free Shipping at FREEMANBEAUTY.COM 12/26 – 12/31 Use code BLOWOUT (US only)

30% off at SHEAMOISTURE.COM ends 12/30 3pm EST

I’m most excited about the Lush BOGO sale. I’ve heard great things about their bath bombs and if they’re included in the sale I gotta get some. Will you be spending any more money before the new year or did the holidays tap you out?

*Some exclusions may apply to these sales

^ This post will be updated as I see the sales 🙂

Tackling My Beauty Shortcomings With Milani Liquid Liners

Happy Holidays! We all have beauty shortcomings. One of mine is winged liner. I love seeing it because it can up the ante on elaborate eyeshadows looks as well as subtle ones. One blogger who does an amazing winged liner is Mollybee at Beautsoup. She has a post about how she achieves it so check her out. I hope to get on her level one day, but to do that it’s going to take some practice. So what’s a determined makeup addict to do? Buy some liquid liners.

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Milani Cosmetics Total Lash Cover Mascara Review

total lash picmonk

Because I was excited about the Milani Grandissimo Mascara I purchased the Total Lash Cover to try it out.

Milani Cosmetics Total Lash Cover Mascara
Milani Cosmetics Total Lash Cover Mascara ($4.99)

“It doesn’t get more major than this multi-faceted mascara wand. With three separate “zones” – one for defining, one for volumizing, one for curling – it gives 360-degree, instant impact. And the formula? It’s smear-proof, clump-free and built to last. Available in the Richest, Deepest Black.” –

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Milani Lipstick Dopeness: Sangria and Violet Volt

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks: Sangria and Violet Volt

Milani lipsticks are dope. I keep featuring them on the blog because I like them so much. They come in various finishes and glide on like a dream. You also can’t beat the price for the quality of these lipsticks. With that said this is Violet Volt and Sangria.

Violet Volt and Sangria Swatch on dark skin
Top: Violet Volt Bottom: Sangria

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Milani Grandissimo Lashes Mascara Review

Milani Grandissimo Lashes Mascara $4.99)
Milani Grandissimo Lashes ($4.99)

I’m a big fan Milani lip products, however, I’ve been slacking on checking out their other products. I decided to pick up Grandissimo Lashes Mascara to rectify that. Michelle at said it was similar to an expensive favorite of mine and that was all I needed know. I think it lives up to that comparison. I won’t get into which favorite it is just know that it’s popular. Continue reading Milani Grandissimo Lashes Mascara Review

Lips Like Autumn Leaves: 3 Browns From Milani Cosmetics

Milani All Three picmonk

Typically, a vampy lip rules the fall season. Lipsticks described as a wine, bordeaux, and burgundy move from the back of our drawers to the front. However, there are other choices. Today I have three lipsticks from Milani Cosmetics that fall into the brown range. Continue reading Lips Like Autumn Leaves: 3 Browns From Milani Cosmetics

Milani Gives Great Lip – Best Red and Cabaret Blend

Milani Best Red Cabaret Blend title

I’m always here for a good red lipstick. As far as I’m concerned you can never have too many and red lipstick for everyone. I don’t care how dark or light you are there is a red lipstick waiting for you. Waiting for me at Walgreens today was Milani Cosmetics’ Best Red and Cabaret Blend.

Milani Lipsticks Best Red and Cabaret Blend
Milani Color Statement Lipstick($5.99)
Milani Best Red and Cabaret Blend
Left: Best Red Right: Cabaret Blend

Best Red is a good, bright red. It reminds me of the signature red lip Janelle Monae often rocks. It’s matte, but not drying.

Milani Lipstick - Best Red
Best Red
Milani Color Statement Lipstick - Best Red
Milani Cosmetics Best Red

Cabaret Blend is a can’t-go-wrong-with-burgundy lipstick in a cream finish. Over my make-up wearing lifetime I’ve had various lipsticks that are similar to this color. It’s red without being in your face.

Milani Lipstick Cabaret Blend
Cabaret Blend
Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Lipstick - Cabaret Blend
Milani Cabaret Blend

Milani makes great lipsticks. As much as I love other brands Milani gives those brands a run for their money. They are pigmented, have a vast color range, and won’t break the bank. They’re also adding more lipsticks in 2015.

They are my drugstore lipstick of choice. If someone wasn’t a lipstick person but wanted to become a lipstick person Milani is the brand I’d tell them to hit up first.

Milani Color Statement Lipstick
Milani Color Statement Lipstick($5.99)

So what drugstore brand gives you the best lip? Let me know in the comments.

Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Lipstick is available at most drugstores and online.

Milani Cosmetics Anti-Feathering Lipliner

Milani Anti-Feathering Lipliner on

Milani Cosmetics Anti-Feathering Lipliner bills itself as a transparent lipliner to prevent lip gloss and lipstick from feathering and as a lip primer.

I used this liner with a few lip products. It seems to work best with liquid-based products. I tried it with Milani Power Lips and Lip Intense, along with the Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tars and it applied well. I feel like the products had something to adhere to which made it less streaky. I do not like the way my lipstick applies with it.

058 picmonkey

Should you fill in your lips rather than just line them you’ll notice a tacky feeling when you press your lips together. This same tackiness that made the liquid lip products apply well made my lipstick skip.

Lipstick that generally glides on for me pulled at my lips while the Anti-Feathering Lipliner was on them. I tried a satin lip color and a semi-matte color. I passed on trying it with a matte or retro matte lipstick because those can be dry or skip on their own. It’s unfortunate that this is no-go as far as lipstick is concerned.

Milani Anti-Feathering Lipliner

You’ll need to keep the pencil sharpened because it’s very soft and wears down quickly if you’re filling in your lips. I poked myself a few times with the wood before I figured that out.

All in all this is still a good product for the money. I’ve had problems with some lip products streaking and this made me realize that I needed a primer instead of lip balm. It gave my lip products a bit more staying power and didn’t dry my lips out. Even with some of its short comings I’m going to buy another pencil once this one wears down to nothing.

Milani Cosmetics Anti-Feather Lipliner retails for $4.49 and can be found where Milani Cosmetics are sold and online.

Milani Cosmetics Lip Intense Liquid Color – Violet Addict

Milani Cosmetics Lip Intense Violet Addict

Milani Cosmetics has blessed us make-up lovers and budget mavens with some lovely products this year. One of those products is the Lip Intense Liquid Color. It comes in 4 colors but I was only able to pick up Violet Addict.

Milani Lip Intense Violet Addict Swatch
It’s more pink than violet to me but pretty nonetheless.

I’d describe Violet Addict as more pink than violet. There’s a hint of purple, but not as much as I thought given the name. This may or may not be turn off for you. Personally, I think the color is black girl friendly but I’m bias because I don’t think your complexion automatically means you can’t wear red, purple, or in this case pinky purple.

Violet Addict w/o Flash
Violet Addict w/o Flash
The purple is more obvious with the flash
The purple is more obvious with the flash

The formula is very pigmented. It’s applied with a doe wand attached to a twist off cap. There’s no overwhelming smell or terrible taste. Once applied, there’s a nice sheen to it as well.

Since this is liquid lipstick there’s a chance it may look streaky on your lips and settle into your lines. This happened to me, but it wasn’t terribly obvious. If you hate the look on bare lips trying it with the Milani Anti-Feathering Lipliner may help.

Nothing wrong with following recommendations if they work, right?
Nothing wrong with following recommendations if they work, right?

It’s worth a shot since the company is recommending it anyway. I happened to have the lipliner and the product went on a lot smoother and wasn’t as streaky.

Overall, my only disappointment with the product is that it’s not a violet as I hoped. I’d definitely recommend this product anyway and I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy the red version. After all, this is Bury Me In Red Lipstick so I have to have the red.

Milani Cosmetics Lip Intense Violet Addict

Milani Lip Intense retails for $6.49 and Milani Anti-Feathering Lipliner retails for $4.49. Both are sold online and where Milani Cosmetics are sold.