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Melt Cosmetics Love Sick and Dark Matter Release Date

Melt Cosmetics has been teasing that something new was on the horizon for the last few weeks. If you follow their Instagram then you probably know that Melt is coming out with eyeshadows.


2 sets of 4 shadows will be released Friday January 2, 2015 for $48. The Dark Matter stack consists of matte shades to create a chocolate smokey eye. The Love Sick stack is accent colors. While Melt is a cruelty-free brand some of the eyeshadows are not vegan. Some customers are dismayed by this and that sentiment is peppered among the comments of excitement on social media.

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@MeltCosmetics Blow and DGAF Photos + Swatches

Blow & DGAF from Melt Cosmetics

After months and months of waiting for Melt to restock some of their popular colors I was able to get Blow and DGAF this month. Blow is a pretty matte green and DGAF is dark matte blue. Unfortunately, DGAF is sold out again with no clear restock date. I suggest signing up for the Melt newsletter and pay attention to Melt’s social media accounts for any updates. Now, on to the photos. Continue reading @MeltCosmetics Blow and DGAF Photos + Swatches

So You Say You Missed Out On Dark Room

UPDATE!!!!! Melt Cosmetics is making Dark Room permanent.

So Dark Room has come and gone. You missed out. You’re devastated. You’re wishing and hoping that it will come back. Well, baby, I might have an alternative for you that is cheaper and currently in stock. Continue reading So You Say You Missed Out On Dark Room


Rejoice! Melt Cosmetics Restocked!

I’m finally going to get my hands on some Melt Cosmetics lipsticks I’ve been stalking for months.

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