Seasons Change. Does Your Foundation? #BuryMeMondays

Foundation burymemondays

Today’s #BuryMeMondays question is influenced by some tweets I saw yesterday from Krissy(@Krissy90220) entrepreneur and blogger at Addicted To All Things Pretty and Brown Girl Friendly. Now, I know it feels like Spring and Summer are never coming back depending on where you live, but I want to know, do you change your foundation as the seasons change?

Many of us change formulas or skip it all together, but do you take into account possible color changes to your skin from not only intentional sun exposure(recreational activities) but the incidental kind(driving) as well? Let me know why you do or why don’t in the comments.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BuryMeMondays if you want to share via Instagram or Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Seasons Change. Does Your Foundation? #BuryMeMondays”

  1. I change my foundation. You have to unless you live where the weather doesn’t change from season to season. I even wore a foundation that I usually wear in the late spring to fall in the winter.awww man ..its was horrible I could see a difference.

  2. I used to go tanning (in beds, terrible) and this will be the first year I haven’t. I think a bronzer over top may be enough to change the tint of my makeup. As for formula, I tend to like a lighter coverage foundation or BB cream in the summer – a cake face on a hot day is no fun. >.<

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