Sephora or Ulta #BuryMeMondays

Sephora Or Ulta? #BuryMeMondays

Sephora or Ulta #BuryMeMondaysWhile there are countless websites and stores that sell beauty products, Sephora and Ulta are by far the most popular to me. Sephora has mid-level and high end brands like Dior, NARS, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Ulta has mid-level brands like Urban Decay and LORAC  and drugstore brands like NYX, Maybelline, and Cover Girl.

There’s a little bit of brand overlap but enough differences for someone to have a preference. So which do you love more and why? Is it Sephora or Ulta? If you’ve purchased anything lately from either store tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #BuryMeMondays.


6 thoughts on “Sephora Or Ulta? #BuryMeMondays”

  1. I’m becoming more of a fan of Sephora. I LOVE the products under their label, and they carry my Nars concealer. I’ve fallen in love with their lipsticks and shadows.

    My local Ulta is staffed with a bunch of Katy Perry look-a-likes who couldn’t care less about customer service, the store is consistently out of huge areas of cosmetics (but conveniently fully stocked with the high-end stuff)

    Was just there Friday and was told they no longer carry the Anastasia eyebrow wax kits :-/ I found a somewhat suitable replacement – will IG it in a few. But for the most part, their shelves consistently look like a post-Black Friday rush.
    I like ulta for the minis they have near the register, and that’s about it.

    1. I see why you’re over Ulta. The ones around here are hit or miss. I’m not surprised about a lack of customer service. I rarely see people coming in there really looking for help or having something explained to them in Ulta the way I see it happening in Sephora. It just seems like they’re there to work but not necessarily interact.

  2. I’ve never felt the need to go to Ulta (I literally haven’t been in one lol). I get high-end makeup at Sephora and the workers are always happy to show me how to use it before I buy it. And half of my makeup is drugstore, which I buy at… the drugstore. Can’t beat the coupons! But maybe I’ll check out my local Ulta if you think there’s anything I’m missing. 🙂

    1. I know what you mean. Between my house and Ulta are all kinds of drugstores so I find that keeps from going into Ulta eventhough they have good coupons. They do have a point system that surpasses Sephora because those points can be put towards purchases instead deluxe samples. It also seems like they have more of the NYX products compared to Target or CVS.

  3. That’s the killer for me – the NYX selection. 75% of it was non existent when I went. Can I order it straight from the company (NYX) online?

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