3 Valentine’s Day Gift Hacks To Make You Look Like a Boss

Valentines day gift hack smaller

Valentine’s Day is 3 weeks away. Now is the time to do your prep work so whatever you want to do on the 14th goes off without a hitch but what to buy your partner? You could ask your friends for suggestions. You could browse gift guides and pick what you think he/she would like best. Or you could try one of these three things to get a gift for your partner that he/she will love because you’ll know it’s something they really want.

  1. If you missed your chance to gift it for Christmas, gift it for Valentine’s Day. Take the gift, pair it with their favorite flowers and a teddy bear and prosper.
  2. Amazon Wish List. Most people have an Amazon wish list. I didn’t know what to my husband for Christmas so I found his wish list and bought him something he really wanted. And who ended up looking like a boss afterward? Me. Look like a boss and get her what she wants.
  3. Come out and ask. Time is of the essence with this one because the closer it gets to the big day the more likely they’ll be tipped off by the question. If you ask now it can just be a regular conversation that they’ll eventually forget. Then when you pull out that gift you’ll look like the great listener that we both know you are.

They say it’s the thought that counts but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some of the guesswork out of it. Try these tips so you’re not getting gas station roses with the rest of the last minute shoppers.


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