Tackling My Beauty Shortcomings With Milani Liquid Liners

Happy Holidays! We all have beauty shortcomings. One of mine is winged liner. I love seeing it because it can up the ante on elaborate eyeshadows looks as well as subtle ones. One blogger who does an amazing winged liner is Mollybee at Beautsoup. She has a post about how she achieves it so check her out. I hope to get on her level one day, but to do that it’s going to take some practice. So what’s a determined makeup addict to do? Buy some liquid liners.

Milani Liquid Liners

I hit up my local Walgreens and purchased two liquid liners from Milani Cosmetics, Eye Tech Bold and Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner, to replace the dried out liners I never got around to using. I’ve had my eye on both of these but kept passing them up for other products. I’m sure it had something do with a fear of failure because as much as I wanted to get better at winged liner, I was still apprehensive about giving it a shot.

Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner
Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner($7.99)
Milani Cosmetics Eye Tech Bold Liquid
Milani Cosmetics Eye Tech Bold Liquid Liner($7.99)

I’ve used the Eye Tech Bold liner but not the Eye Tech Perfection liner because I thought I’d be more comfortable with a larger pen. I thought I would have a bit more room for error because I wanted a bold line anyway. The Eye Tech Bold liner applied smoothly and I’m satisified with how black it is. It was easy to fill in spots that weren’t as dark as I wanted them to be and the larger pen felt good in my had as I swept it across my lid. It also held up to some accidental eye touching because I forgot I was wearing the liner. With a little effort and some dope pictorials from Nicola Kate on Instagram I think I’ll be able to get it. My first effort is below.

What are your beauty shortcomings? What’s something you’d like to improve on in 2016?

Milani Cosmetics Eye Tech Bold Liquid Eye Liner and Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Eye Liner are available at drugstores and milanicosmetics.com


3 thoughts on “Tackling My Beauty Shortcomings With Milani Liquid Liners”

  1. I think your “attempt” is more like “success,” it looks fabulous! I am on serious struggle street with liquid liner. I have been practicing a lot, and you can see plenty of my wiggly lines on my blog, haha. I have a tremor caused by medications I take, and it is not helping anything in the cat eye department. But 2015 is the year that I will get it under my belt if it kills me! That and painting my nails with this damned tremor.

    The liquid liner that I have been most comfortable with using has been the Physician’s Formula Eye Booster liner+serum. It glides like a dream. It is a little pricey for drugstore, but compared to the liners I have let dry up and waste due to my being unable to control them, it was worth the $12 or whatever it is. Usually there’s a coupon or discount.

    Thanks for sharing your struggles, I feel less alone now 🙂 2015 will be the year of perfect liquid liner.

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