Melt Cosmetics Love Sick and Dark Matter Release Date

Melt Cosmetics has been teasing that something new was on the horizon for the last few weeks. If you follow their Instagram then you probably know that Melt is coming out with eyeshadows.


2 sets of 4 shadows will be released Friday January 2, 2015 for $48. The Dark Matter stack consists of matte shades to create a chocolate smokey eye. The Love Sick stack is accent colors. While Melt is a cruelty-free brand some of the eyeshadows are not vegan. Some customers are dismayed by this and that sentiment is peppered among the comments of excitement on social media.

I’m probably not going to buy these on the release date. I won’t be surprised if The Stacks sell out quick, but I want to wait on more swatches and reviews. Pricewise these are on point with a MAC Cosmetics quad so they’re not necessarily overpriced but there’s no way to assess quality from sleek advertising. This could all change in two weeks though so don’t judge me if I end up with them. Also: There’s no word whether or not the Melt’s sold out lipsticks will be back on January 2. I’ll cross my fingers for you if you’re waiting on one of them though. 🙂

Are you excited for Dark Matter and Love Sick? Which one will you get?

Dark Matter and Love Sick go on sale January 2, 2015 at 12pm PST.

UPDATE: I emailed Melt. There is no exact restock date for the sold out lipsticks. When they get an exact date they’ll update subscribers via their newsletter.   


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