A Brow Critique

Brow Critique Picture

Brows are important. Mine are still a work in progress but I’m getting better at maintaining them. I realized how much of a work in progress they are when I found some old pictures in my phone.

This might've worked with a bit more brow.
This could have worked with a bit more brow but I prefer a fuller look anyway.

The brow on the left begins after my inner corner which goes against conventional brow wisdom. Because it begins later than it should the arch begins later than it should. The one on the right isn’t so bad, however, the shape of the brows is also too severe for me. My brows are super thin on their own so allowing the esthetician to wax them thinner was a mistake. A fuller looking brow is better for me.

A little bit fuller, a little bit better
A little bit fuller, a little bit better

Once I realized my mistake I went back to maintaining my brows myself and I’m a lot more satisfied. They start closer to my inner corner and are fuller looking. My brows are still sparse but once filled in this look is much softer and more natural looking. I’m always going to have a stray here or there because I don’t wax and tend to poke myself with pointed tweezers, but I’m happier with this look.

Have you gone through different brow shapes or did you find something that worked and stuck to it?


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