So You Say You Missed Out On Dark Room

UPDATE!!!!! Melt Cosmetics is making Dark Room permanent.

So Dark Room has come and gone. You missed out. You’re devastated. You’re wishing and hoping that it will come back. Well, baby, I might have an alternative for you that is cheaper and currently in stock.

Here’s a photo of Dark Room from the Melt Cosmetics website.

Darkroom photo
(photo taken

 Now here’s Pandora from Impulse Cosmetics.

pandora lip swatch
(photo from

If the colors are close then the major differences, besides price, between Pandora and Dark Room will be the finish and the tube. Impulse Cosmetics lipsticks are not as matte as Melt Cosmetics lipsticks. And while Melt’s lipsticks come in a standard bullet, Impulse’s come in a lip balm tube.

They could be damn close. I can’t be 100% sure because I have Pandora and don’t have Dark Room but the pictures are similar enough to me to share it with you so you can make your own decision about what you want to do.

Dupe alert melt dark room and impulse pandora

If you have both lipsticks feel free to tag me on social media(Twitter or Instagram) with swatches to compare.  In the meantime let me know in the comments what you think.

Melt Cosmetics are $19 and Impulse Cosmetics lipsticks are $6.99.


14 thoughts on “So You Say You Missed Out On Dark Room”

  1. I set an alarm on my iPhone and ordered that bad boy while in a financial training class! Got it and it is NOT as plum as it is displayed in the pics. The gal with the nose ring in Melt’s pictures must have blended because, nope, Dark Room isn’t that deep. I was going to order Pandora, but I can’t keep running every time I see a pic of beautiful lips because I keep getting disappointed. :-/ Thank you for your post!!

    1. I appreciate your comment and you’re totally right. I’ve seen different lip swatches over the weekend and there are women using MAC Vino or Nightmoth liners to deepen it(those that disclose that anyway). However, a woman on IG swatched Dark Room on her skin with MAC Rebel and a Wet N Wild lipstick and it’s just a hair darker than those. I know there’s always a chance that the pictures don’t live up to the product, but it still sucks when it happens. Thank you for reading!

  2. Thanks for the comparison. I thought the two were similar as well. I have dark room (unused) and I want Pandora (sold out) 😦 Impulse makes/sells a powder so you can achieve a matte look.

    1. Let me know how you like Dark Room when you use it. Swatches on IG make me think it’s much lighter than the website photos and needs to be mixed with something, like a dark liner, to get that dark look. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  3. hey! thanks for the tip, i just ordered pandora last night, but good news! they announced on their Instagram that they will be bringing back Dark Room back – permanently. Figured you may want to know.

  4. Dark room is such a beautiful color!!! I got it in the mail last week sad that it feels extremely drying and it bleeds around your lips😰😰😰😰anybody else with that problem??

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