Rejoice! Melt Cosmetics Restocked!

I’m finally going to get my hands on some Melt Cosmetics lipsticks I’ve been stalking for months.

November 4th Melt restocked the lipsticks that have been sold out for a nearly a year and released a limited edition lipstick, Dark Room. I was able to get DGAF and Blow (photos and swatches soon come). I skipped Dark Room because I wasn’t interested in another vampy lipstick. However, I’m probably in the minority because Dark Room is sold out.

Some people are happy with their purchases while others are justifiably pissed disappointed they missed out. Dark Room is gone, but Lora and Dana, Melt’s creators, have some surprises in store. I guess we’ll see.

Did you snag Dark Room or any of the restocked Melt lipsticks?

Melt Cosmetics are available at for $19. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with the brand.


13 thoughts on “Rejoice! Melt Cosmetics Restocked!”

    1. 😦 That sucks. They’ve been saying to sign up for the newsletter and I rolled my eyes but did it anyway. Turns out on Halloween they sent out the email with the restock date. Best thing to do now is sign up and periodically check to see if they sent anything. I almost miss the email because it went to a folder I don’t pay attention to.

  1. Ummm…why did it take them a year to restock? Is this stuff made with the tears of virgins or something? Lol you know I’m still learning so… I’m curious.

    1. LOL @ tears of virgins. I have no idea why it took so long. Maybe it was early business setbacks since they’re barely a year old. One of the creators recently got married so depending on how long that was being planned and whatnot that could’ve played into it. Dark Room was created specifically for her wedding so that also could be factor. I’ve dealt with a few indie brands and the wait wasn’t like this without some type of explanation. Now that everything is back I wonder how they’ll handle restocks from now on or if this is par for the course.

  2. IMO I think Pandora from Impulse CO looks a lot like Dark Room….I do not have either one but they appear to be similar. Pandora (currently out of stock) is under $7 and Dark Room is $19 and sold out. I hope they are the same because the price point is much better.

    1. I understand if you want to pass on that shade. I had no idea that was the shade name. Since I have lipsticks similar to that I never paid too much attention to the name and thought it was 6×6. Color me surprised. I’m glad I could introduce you to something new. Happy Thursday! 😀

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