5 Ways to Know It’s Holy Grail

5 Ways To Know It's Holy Grail

There comes a time in every beauty lover’s life that they hit the jackpot with a product or brand. The skies open up, the seas part and harps play for your discovery. Some of us call it the holy grail or HG for short. This is 5 reasons a brand/product is considered holy grail.

It causes you to rethink what you knew about makeup.

NARS Exhibit A made me realize that after years of saying I couldn’t wear blush I actually could and should.

NARS Cosmetics Exhibit A
Nars Cosmetics Exhibit A Blush

You keep coming back to it.

I’m not talking about a rut. I’m talking about trying different things only to end up reaching for that familiar product whether it’s budget friendly or not.

You’re hoarding it.

You have a stash of products waiting for the day you get the awful news it’s been discontinued. You love the brand so much you feel like you must have everything.

NARS Cosmetics is my Holy Grail Brand
And I still want more…

There’s an emotional attachment.

There are products that work better but you can’t see yourself using something else because it not just about the product. It’s about the feeling you get when you use it.

And finally, There’s no real explanation, you just love it.

So which brands or products are your holy grail and why?


6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Know It’s Holy Grail”

  1. I love NARS products too – I never used to wear expensive makeup but once I discovered NARS, I couldn’t get enough. I have their Velvet Matte lip crayons, the Audacious lipstick and I’ve tried their tinted moisturizers and the sheer glow…omg. I am a NARS addict.

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