Bargain Sheet Mask From Freeman Beauty

Sheet masks are kind of a big deal in skincare. While sheet masks originated in Korea, they are in worldwide use now with varying ingredients and price points. For those that don’t know, a sheet mask is a cotton or fiber mask infused with a serum that adheres to the contours of your face that usually comes in a single use packet. You leave it on for a specific amount of time, peel it off, and pat the excess serum into your skin. I happened to find the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Brightening Rose Paper Mask at my local Wal-Mart for two bucks.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Rose Paper Mask
Freeman Feeling Beautiful Rose Paper Mask($1.99)

The Freeman Facial Brightening Rose Paper Mask is a “serum-infused paper facial mask with Rose Extract that illuminates dull skin. White Tea and Licorice help reduce age spots for more even-toned skin.” There is also Lactic and Glycolic fruit acids that help reveal a smoother surface. Sidenote: when using alpha-hydroxy acids use sunscreen and limit sun exposure.

Freeman Rose Paper Mask Ingredients

I’ve used this mask twice and I like it a lot. After using it my skin was supple and brighter looking. I enjoyed taking the 5-10 minutes to just let the mask do its job. With all things that are going on in our lives, sometimes taking a moment to just breathe and relax is beneficial. However, there are some drawbacks to this mask.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Rose Paper Mask
Here’s the mask. As you can see there are holes for the nose, eyes, and mouth.

The mask is a little tricky to maneuver. It’s folded on a liner inside the single use packet. Once removed you have to unfold it and peel it away from the liner. The peeling away is where it gets tricky. The liner is what’s holding the mask in shape so once you peel it away it wants to fold in on itself. Since it’s soaked in serum it sticks together easily. I didn’t experience any dripping from the mask once it was on my face, but be careful with the packet. The excess serum could fall out and make a mess. Another drawback may be the mask’s size.

Wearing the Freeman Rose Paper Mask
The makers of this mask weren’t thinking about folks with big foreheads.

My eyes may be set too wide for the eyeholes of this mask. I have to stretch the holes for the eyes a bit to get it on my face comfortably. However, there is the risk in ripping the mask because it’s just a thin sheet. It also doesn’t cover my whole face, so keep that in mind big face people.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Rose Paper Mask
Freeman Feeling Beautiful Rose Paper Mask($1.99)

Even with those drawbacks I would totally use this mask a few times a week and at the very least make it part of my spa day routine.

Freeman Rose Brightening Facial Paper Mask is $1.99 and is available at Wal-Mart and


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