Impulse Buys From Impulse Cosmetics Photos+Swatches

I love make-up and beauty.  That’s why I created this blog. If you’re here you probably love it too. However, no one loves everything. We all have our limits. I don’t fault anyone for them and you shouldn’t either. I’m here for you if you stick with neutrals or love brights. I want you to rock that black lipstick with no fear because in the end it’s your face and naysayers can ______(fill in with your epithet of choice). But anyway on to the makeup.

Impulse Cosmetics lipstick
Impulse Cosmetics Lipstick $6.99 each

Fellow make-up lover @SimplyTsundere put Impulse Cosmetics on my radar screen a few weeks ago. I hadn’t heard of them but when I browsed the website I knew I needed to jump on it. Impulse Cosmetics offers a variety of lipsticks in matte and metallic finishes. They also have glitters and loose eyeshadows. Many of the products are pretty affordable and they’re cruelty-free.

I ended up buying Smoking Gun and Melancholy in the Opaque Matte finish and Boggart in the Metaluxe finish.

Impulse Swatches Smoking Gun, Melancholy, Boggart
Top: Smoking Gun Mid: Melancholy Bottom: Boggart

The lipsticks aren’t your typical lipstick. They come in a standard lip balm tube so they’re pretty small compared to other lipsticks. And like lip balm, it’s flat in the tube. The flatness may or may not be a problem for you depending on your lip size. It was a little weird to maneuver on my lips without getting it on my face so I wonder if a thinner lipped person would have similar problems. I’m not sure, but it’s something to think about. If it feels like that could be a big deal to you, then you could always use a lip brush or just clean it up afterwards.

The lipsticks are decently pigmented and have a typical lipstick smell. Boggart applies in a bit splotchy so that was a downside and Melancholy left behind an immediate stain pinkish purple stain.

Color wise I was happy with them for the most part. I was really happy to get Smoking Gun and Boggart because I’ve been jonesing for a blue and green lipstick since Melt Cosmetics DGAF and Blow are still sold out. Melancholy ended up being darker than I thought, but I still like it as well. I’m thinking about getting something to manipulate the color a bit though because it reads more black than purple depending on the lighting.

Impulse Cosmetics Smoking Gun (Opaque Matte Finish)
Impulse Cosmetics Smoking Gun
Impulse Cosmetics Melancholy (Opaque Matte Finish)
Impulse Cosmetics Melancholy
Impulse Cosmetics Boggart (Metaluxe Finish)
Impulse Cosmetics Boggart

The two matte lipsticks(Melancholy and Smoking Gun) weren’t super matte. Impulse Cosmetics does sell a mattifying lip powder that I haven’t tried, so I’m not sure if it works better than just using a tissue and translucent powder to get a more matte look.

So these lipsticks are 6.99 each. According to the website, Impulse Cosmetics is recommending that you ship the products Priority Mail($6.55) so your products last in the heat. This doesn’t seem like a lot to shell out for these lipsticks if you’re interested. You’ll pay double for similar colors from another brand like Melt.

Impulse Cosmetics lipstick
Impulse Cosmetics Lipstick $6.99 each

Have you tried Impulse Cosmetics? Let me know in the comments.

Impulse Cosmetics Lipsticks can be purchased for $6.99 each at


8 thoughts on “Impulse Buys From Impulse Cosmetics Photos+Swatches”

  1. I just ordered a lip palette from Impulse. How was their shipping? I stumbled upon your review & this made me more excited.

    Stay Kinky, Stay Curly, Stay You.

    1. I feel like it took about a week and half to get my items so that seemed on point with their 3-5 day processing times and it being mailed through USPS. Bottomline, I didn’t have any problems. Which palette did you get? 🙂

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