A Bit Lukewarm: Melt Cosmetics

So Melt Cosmetics recently had their 1st birthday in May and to celebrate offered free shipping. I was not able to take advantage of this because the sold out shades I wanted were still sold out. However, I did get By Starlight and Space Cake the day before.

By Starlight Melt Cosmetics
Melt Cosmetics By Starlight
Space Cake from Melt Cosmetics
Melt Cosmetics Space Cake

Let me say upfront that I wasn’t exactly wowed by either lipstick. Texture wise they’re decent and highly pigmented. They do have a smell and it’s not faint. To me it just smells like lipstick but if you dislike strong smell you should probably pass. They are super matte which is cool because I like matte finishes. And as matte as they are I didn’t think they were overly drying on my lips. However, like a lot of matte lipsticks they really are unforgiving when it comes to dry skin.

I’m in an ongoing battle with dry skin so I must exfoliate to get the best application and found that even my best efforts weren’t quite enough. One thing that seemed to help was applying the lipstick in one continuous direction rather than back and forth. I found that it gave a smoother application and helped disguise areas where a tiny piece didn’t quite come off during exfoliation.

By Starlight swatch Melt Cosmetics
By Starlight
Space Cake Swatch Melt Cosmetics
Space Cake

Both were easy to remove, but By Starlight left a red stain on my lips. I was a bit surprised by the red stain because the product is purple but what can you do?  It’s just something to bear in mind because when it wears off it’s going to look like your wearing red instead of purple.

By Starlight @meltcosmetics #lips #lipstick #meltcosmetics

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I was a bit disappointed by the color of By Starlight. I thought it was going to be darker.  In the tube and on my lips it just didn’t give me the deep violet color I saw on the website.

Space Cake wasn’t love at first sight either, but I don’t feel as disappointed with it as I do with By Starlight. Space Cake was a “step out of my comfort zone” kind of purchase so I didn’t think I’d love it right out of the tube. It took some getting used to once it was on, but I did get a compliment from my husband who said it was a wild look but still pretty.

Right now I’m neutral on this brand. My initial excitement with Melt Cosmetics was because of some other colors that are sold out at this time so I can’t honestly say “buy it” or “don’t buy it”. Depending on when/if I get my hands on those colors I hope I’ll be able to give a definitive yes or no on these.

In the meantime, have you tried Melt Cosmetics?

By Starlight in the tube
By Starlight – Wish it was a bit darker
Melt Cosmetics Space Cake in the tube
Space Cake – Unconventional but pretty

Melt Cosmetics lipsticks retail for $19 and come in 12 shades.


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