Independent Brand Watch: Glitter BuzzStyle Cosmetics Posed Baked Blush

I’m no make-up snob. If a smaller company makes good make-up I’m willing to give it a shot. The make-up world is so much bigger than department store counters and drugstore aisles. Independent brands are trying to make their mark and as a consumer I’m excited to try their products.

About a month or so ago Aprill at Glitter Gloss Garbage did a post about Glitter BuzzStyle Cosmetics and held a giveaway where one of their Pose Baked Blushes was the prize. I was lucky enough to win so I’m showing you the lovely Essence Rose.

Glitter BuzzStyle Cosmetics Essence Rose Pose Baked Blush
Glitter BuzzStyle Cosmetics Pose Baked Blush in Essence Rose

I was really excited to get this blush but it took a little while for me use to it because my skin revolting against me. Once I was able to use it I was really happy with it. Essence Rose is described as a bronze with pink undertones. The Pose Baked Blushes are also hypoallergenic and fragrance and paraben-free.

When I used this I underestimated how pigmented the product was and loaded up my brush. When I applied it to my cheeks it was Essence Rose overload. Thankfully, it blended down very well with just my fingers.

Glitter BuzzStyle Pose Blush Swatch - Essence Rose
Essence Rose
Essence Rose Blended Down
This is Essence Rose blended out. You can see the flecks but this obviously a close up.

There’s a bit of a sparkle in the blush. It’s not overkill but as you turn the product in the light you can see tiny flecks. Once on the cheeks though it’s not that noticeable. The sheen of the product is more apparent than any flecks.

I wore it for about 5 hours and didn’t experience any fading. I’m willing to bet that it will hold up throughout the day, but of course results will vary.

Glitter BuzzStyle Cosmetics’ Pose Baked Blush retails for $10 each. They also have a Beauty Value Set that consists of Essence Rose and their other shade Pink Rhinestone(see swatches on Glitter Gloss Garbage) for $16.

Follow Glitter Buzz Style on Twitter @gBSCosmetics and it’s creator Chasity Palmer-Davis @glitterbuzzinfo


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