I’m Going on a No-Buy. But First Lemme Buy Some Melt Cosmetics

I’m going on a 30 day no-buy. *cue all the sad violins* This is happening so I can use what I have and get to know what I have so I can review it properly. But the no-buy doesn’t begin until…

Wait for it…

These lipsticks come back in stock.

(courtesy of meltcosmetics.com
(courtesy of meltcosmetics.com)

Melt Cosmetics first birthday is tomorrow(May 17) and they are celebrating with free shipping when you buy 2 lipsticks or more from midnight-midnight(pacific time). There is a coupon code for domestic and international shipping so no one should feel left out.



There are lots of photos around the web of these lipsticks and I’m really eager to try them out. I’ve seen people do ombre looks with them, pair them with different liners, and just wear them as is. Since they’re not your typical red or pink lipsticks I’m sure they’re possibly a turn-off to some. However, I think they look pretty sick and need them so badly it’s not even funny.

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I have my eye on Bane(black), DGAF(blue), and Blow(green). A few weeks ago Rihanna wore a green lipstick to the IHeartRadio Awards and some speculated that what she was wearing might be Blow by Melt Cosmetics. I haven’t seen any confirmation of that, but seeing her in that lipstick really sent me over the edge and made me hop off the fence when it comes to unconventional lipstick colors. I have been stalking the Melt Cosmetics’ website ever since.

I’m hoping that everything will be back in stock considering it is their 1st birthday. I’m going to set my alarm so I can wake up and order my lipsticks. The hoarder in me needs one more run before my break.

So are you like this for Melt Cosmetics?

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Or this?

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I know which one I am. Let me know in the comments. Also, pray that I stay strong during my no-buy.

Melt Cosmetics lipsticks retail for $19 and are sold at meltcosmetics.com


15 thoughts on “I’m Going on a No-Buy. But First Lemme Buy Some Melt Cosmetics”

  1. You should check out on my of my LOTD’s, I’m wearing the Bang Bang orange color. I too am patiently waiting for those three to come back in stock. omg it’s taking FOREVER! I think you’ll love em though, they last forever =)

  2. I love melt! I purchased Space Cake and By Starlight and I love them! I have a post about those two lipsticks! The pigmentation is amazing… and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them! If Blow comes back in stock for tomorrow I’ll be too excited!!!!

    1. I’m ended up buying Space Cake and By Starlight too. I hope they get here soon. I’m going have to check out your post on them. It’ll be so great if the everything gets restocked. I hope you’re able to get Blow.

      1. Thanks! I would be super excited if they restocked everything I guess we’ll just have to see! *fingers crossed*

      1. The end of this month! Yay!!! I had a slip up two weeks ago but I’m back on track and I’ve accumulated so many empties too! You can do it! But stay clear of my blog at the end of the month just to be on the safe side lol!

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