NARS Cosmetics Laos Matte Multiple Review

Nars Cosmetics Laos Matte Multiple Review

Francois Nars is my patronus. Ok, seriously, Nars Cosmetics is one my holy grail brands. I haven’t tried everything, but what I have tried I love. So after seeing swatches and reviews of their new Matte Multiple I knew I had to have at least one or two. I snagged a couple a day ago, tried them on, and I’m in love.

Nars Matte Multiple
Nars Matte Multiple

The Multiple is a multi-purpose cream product that you can put it on your lips or cheeks. There are already 18 Multiples that have a shimmer finish and now 7 Matte Multiples. I chose Siam, a gorgeous poppy red and Laos, an equally gorgeous rose coral. For the purpose of this post though I’m only going to talk about Laos.

Laos Matte Multiple
Laos Matte Multiple
Laos swiped directly from the tube.
Laos swiped directly from the tube.
Laos blended out.
Laos blended out.

The Matte Multiple is easy to use. I used my fingers to apply and it blended easily. I may have blended it out too much at first because what I saw in the mirror wasn’t necessarily transferring to my photos. So keep that in mind. I also used it on my lips. I didn’t have any problems with the product itself but my bottom lip’s natural color is pretty close to the color of Laos so it wasn’t that drastic of a change. I ended up putting lip gloss on top of it and it looked better.


This retails for $39 but I think it’s worth it because a little goes a long way. I think if I hadn’t blended it so much I might have got the look I wanted with a couple of fingertip swipes on the top.

So have you tried the Nars Matte Multiple? What color do you have your eye on?

The Nars Matte Multiple is available where Nars Cosmetics are sold and online


14 thoughts on “NARS Cosmetics Laos Matte Multiple Review”

  1. I really wish that I have also gotten Laos but because of your recent post, I picked up Exumas (it was $30 +free ship on Amazon, yaaass) now I am impatiently waiting for it but it looked soo gorgeous on your skin.

    1. Thank you! $30 and free shipping is a steal. I hope you like Exumas even though you want Laos too. I love them both. And I hate waiting for products to come in the mail because I’m impatient too. 🙂

      1. Just saw Laos for $25 with ship. This keeps gettign better lol. Are those the only two multiples you own? Ever thought about getting orgasm, or any of the pearlized multiples?

      2. I’ve thought about it but haven’t purchased one yet. I need to put a few on my wish list. Sometimes I get the urge to spend and I forget I even want to try them so I end up buying something else.

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