Seven Deadly Sins Beauty Tag

I read this Seven Deadly Sins Beauty Tag over at Florence and Mary so I decided to jump in and do one too. I hope you enjoy.

Naked Palettes

1. GREED; what’s your most expensive and inexpensive beauty item? I’m going to go with my Urban Decay Naked Palettes as my most expensive beauty item. Urban Decay is my favorite eyeshadow brand and the Naked palettes don’t disappoint. My most inexpensive beauty item is perhaps my witch hazel. It’s a great toner that gets the job done.

So annoying but so necessary.
So annoying but so necessary.

2. WRATH; what beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? Wax strips. They’re one of those things that I have to use especially now since I’ve started blogging and taking upclose photos of my lips. But even though it’s a necessity, I still dislike having to do it every couple of months. It’s a pain literally and figuratively, but it looks better once it’s done. That’s probably why I keep doing it.

Nars Lipsticks

3. GLUTTONY; what are your most delicious beauty products? My NARS blushes and lipsticks. It’s the brand that began my love affair with high end make-up so I have quite the emotional attachment to them.

False Lashes
These are just sitting in drawer. I’m so ashamed.

4. SLOTH; what beauty product do you neglect due to laziness? False eyelashes. As much as I love the way they look on other women, I can’t bring myself to practice putting them on so my looks can be that much better.  

Brows are everything.
Brows are everything.

5. PRIDE; what beauty product gives you the most confidence? It may seem silly but I’m going to with my brow powder. All the foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara are for naught if my brows aren’t filled in. If my brows look good then whatever I have on my face looks that much better.  

I'm surprised he let me take a picture. LOL
I’m surprised he let me take a picture. LOL

6. LUST; what attributes do you most attractive in *your object of desire? There’s something about that area from the neck to the shoulder of a man that makes me swoon. I just want to kiss it and touch it.  

7. ENVY; what items do you most like to receive as a gift. I like gift cards either from Sephora or I know some people feel like they’re impersonal. However, if someone gets me that, then I know they’re thinking about what I want and want me to get what I want.

So that’s the end of the tag. If you decide to this let me know in the comments.

*The original question said “What do you find most attractive in the opposite sex.”


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