Acrylics Suck!

I got a full set a few months ago and decided to soak off because I was tired of the nails and wanted to be free of them. I knew they were hell on real nails. I had them years ago and it took forever my nails to recover. I’m now in the same boat again. *sigh*

I definitely won’t be going to back to any type of artificial nail anytime soon or perhaps ever. I’m now on the hunt for any and everything to help with my recovery. Are you a big fan of artificial nails? Leave a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Acrylics Suck!”

  1. I get tempted every so often to get them done but I remember when I kept getting them for about 2 years,my nails were ruined and it looks so horrible if they fall off… it’s so much better and cheaper to grow your own nails and paint them yourself!

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